Become our Superstar Recruitment Lead

Looking for THE unicorn Change team is looking for the rarest unicorn of all time - one to catch the rest of this rare kind. We really miss an ambitious technical recruiter with a dream to build the best tech team ever seen. You will lead all recruitment activities at...

How we use Kotlin at Change

At Change, we decided from the start to use Kotlin as our main server-side language. Mostly because the initial crew had extensive Java background and all of us have regarded Kotlin’s feature set superior to Java. It enables us to deliver features faster than when...

Are you an engineering fit at Change?

Here are a few points on seeing if you are an engineering fit at Change. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re missing some skills — all the more reason to join the team and learn! Motivation Let’s start off with markers on motivation. If you can think in the lines of...

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