Become our Superstar Recruitment Lead

Looking for THE unicorn Change team is looking for the rarest unicorn of all time - one to catch the rest of this rare kind. We really miss an ambitious technical recruiter with a dream to build the best tech team ever seen. You will lead all recruitment activities at...

Meet Marek, Head of Risk and Control at Change

More than 10 years as a financial regulator has shown me that taking blind risks won’t get you very far in this game called “financial services”. At least not in the long run. But on the other side, I have also seen how calculated risk-taking and smart execution have...

Meet Alice, COO at Change

Today, exactly one week ago, was my first day at Change. What do I think? Wow. Wow the people are good. Wow there is a lot going on and a lot to do. Wow everybody’s still smiling (no matter if it’s 8am or 8pm). Wow this is gonna be awesome. Just do it There’s really...

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