What’s Smartly?

Smartly is a Singapore-based roboadvisory company. We’ve built a tool that automates and simplifies investing for average people. By answering 8 questions in 2 minutes you can receive a risk category and a globally diversified portfolio of ETF-s. We use state of the art algorithms and large amounts of data to construct these portfolios. Lastly, you can invest into this portfolio with as low as 50 dollars, while having full transparency over its performance and costs, 24/7. Our service costs a fraction of existing options, simply because we leverage on technology and automation. We’ve even been called “the future of investing” by CNBC.

Why is Smartly partnering with Change?

In the bigger picture, Smartly is just one small drop in the pool of Fintechs, all focusing on a single vertical currently offered by a bank. Almost each one of a bank’s services has today been “nailed” by a Fintech that offers it better, faster and cheaper. However, to a customer, this has resulted in having to create accounts with so many different platforms.

This is where Change is unique — a single seamless platform that connects the best specialised service-providers. The Smartly team is proud to be a founding member of Change, although the journey still lies ahead. For the past months we’ve been testing various approaches to connecting two completely separate platforms. When we started there was literally only problems, now we’re confident we’ve found a structure that is feasible both technologically as well as operationally.


As Smartly operates solely on fiat currency, then an interesting operational puzzle was building the bridge between fiat and crypto currencies. The solution is robust and the support from our community truly validates that there’s an imminent value in this sort of service.

In summary, throughout the testing process both Smartly and Change team discovered that we’re not only building great technology, but we’re actually building an ecosystem to facilitate. A puzzle we’ve discovered with Smartly is that — while we offer our customers a globally diversified portfolio, then why can’t we offer it globally as well? This is where Change is the game-changer. While still in its early stages, we’re extremely grateful to the community that supports our push for truly borderless finance.

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