We’ve flipped the mattress, painted the cabinets, and brought you a buffet of new features we can’t wait to share!

Portfolio chart 📈
Your valuable feedback has gone from request to reality; introducing price charts! Now you can view your balances in an intuitive way – directly from your portfolio in Change. This colourful feature allows you to gaze over your portfolio history by the hour, day, or even up to five years!

Price Alerts 🔔
Ding! Instant notifications on Bitcoin, Ethereum and more when significant price changes occur. Of course, you can turn this feature off and on for each coin directly from settings.

Portfolio Value Change 🕘
Wake up, get dressed, brew some coffee and check your investments with instant Portfolio Alerts through mobile notifications. For now, we’ll send this optional notification at 11 A.M. to keep you in-the-know.

Market Signals 📶
Feelings matter. Now you can see the overall attitude of investors on each crypto-asset available! This simple signal (meter) helps users gain a better understanding of the general feeling of the current market. And no, it’s never a recommendation, but a tool we find useful.

Crypto News 🗞️
Tailored to fit – every cryptocurrency you select will now have up-to-date and related news right in the Change application! Read summaries without having to leave the app, or tap Read More to visit the page where the news story is sourced. 

Buy and Sell 💶
With more changes yet to come, the steps you take to buy and sell cryptos are now more fluid and standard throughout our app. Tap Buy or Sell, preview your order, and confirm with ease. Be sure to drop us your feedback on this new flow!

We hope you enjoy the latest round of Change! Send us any feedback you may have  – positive vibes welcome. 

Update your app now: http://bit.ly/changeinvest

Happy Trading 😊

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