Nowadays buying, saving and using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming ever more popular.  It’s been a slow start to get this point, but for many, it doesn’t seem quite so foreign anymore.  This can be seen with a number of e-commerce shops, restaurants and even local stores now starting to openly accept cryptocurrencies.  

Most people at least know what bitcoin is, but still haven’t yet been presented with the user-friendly application or real-world use-case to really embrace it.  But as we can see, this is all now changing.

While Bitcoin is still a very fresh concept to the mainstream mass-consumer market, within the crypto space it’s been thriving for nearly a decade.  Within this period of time, a plethora of methods in which you can buy, store and exchange crypto have emerged.

Change is a new-age, financial management app that supports both traditional and virtual currencies (Fiat, BTC, ETH, LTC & XRP), and makes their utility and facilitation easy, via an intuitive smartphone application.  

For comparison I’ve selected some of the most commonly-used applications and their fees to buy and trade bitcoin:

These crypto trading and/or exchange platforms are not ranked in a particular order but are considered to be some of the most trusted and widely-used by crypto enthusiasts.  

Despite Change being relatively new on the scene, the easy-to-use app is primed to be a major contender with the industry leaders like Coinbase, as it offers the same ability to buy, sell and trade crypto, but in a much simpler fashion, and with zero commission fees.  This user-friendly edge comes at no sacrifice to the products security or quality of services.

One of the major barriers that still prevent people from using cryptocurrency, is their fear of the complex technology and the inconvenience they’re faced with in having to master it. Change eliminates this problem with a focus on simplicity at the forefront to bridge the gap between the crypto-world and our real, everyday lives.

Change is a mobile-first cryptocurrency wallet that facilitates buying and trading cryptocurrencies from your smartphone with zero fees. Change app is available on App Store and Google Play.

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