Welcome to the first monthly recap of Change, a new series created to keep users and token holders in the loop about what’s keeping the team busy.

From the heart of Estonia, Change is reimagining the way people all around the world handle their finances, and we’re proud to have the support of an ever growing community of passionate people who are tired of old, slow-moving financial institutions.

Product status

During the month of March, the product team has created an advanced verification system, which is integrated with a well-reputed third party KYC company. In an highly regulated ecosystem, it is a priority for us to onboard our users in a fast and seamless way, while ensuring the protection of personal data at all times.

In the same period of time, we have redesigned our mobile app, and a suite of value-adding features to facilitate buying, managing, and selling cryptocurrencies. Such features will be gradually made available to the public, to ensure Change is progressing in the right direction and providing the best experience to our users.

To maximize our learnings, we held numerous user testing sessions at our office, and quickly iterated our prototypes with the feedback collected.


As mentioned in the video above, we have adopted a new approach to communications. We’ve started to post our updates on a monthly basis instead of daily, which gives the team enough time to focus on delivering results, while not overwhelming the community with smaller, less important news.

We have also grown our customer support team during this month, who is committed to provide the best support to our users through channels such as Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Telegram, and our help center.

Event with Mothership, E-Residency, and Veriff

In February, we co-organized “The New Era In Digital Identification”, an event focused on digital identity with speakers from Change, E-Residency, Mothership, Veriff, and Consensus.

Over 240 people have attended the event at Swissotel in Tallinn, Estonia. Our partners at Mothership have written a blog post about the event. Alternatively, watch the video below!

Create your Change account: https://getchange.com/

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