Change’s flagship cryptocurrency (CAG) will be listed on Bibox Exchange, one of the largest worldwide. With this listing, we aim to reach a wider group of people in the global crypto scene. More than increasing the trading volume of CAG, we are confident that this listing will help us reach crypto and fintech enthusiasts who will be excited to adopt Change’s technology as a daily driver for their personal finances. We will be posting more updates regarding crypto exchanges in the upcoming weeks, and at the same time we are working to add more features to Change App, now live on mobile!

What’s Bibox?

Bibox is a AI Enhanced Encrypted Digital Asset Exchange. Bibox’s founding team is formed by top tier Chinese blockchain giants (Okcoin and Houbi core team). The team includes early bitcoin enthusiasts, adopters of block chain, established series entrepreneurs, professional securities trader, Venture Capitalists (VC), high-tech Angel Investors, and one of the best A.I experts in the industry. Bibox platform utilizes the most advanced distributed cluster system to ensure its handling capacity of more than 10 million users and enhance its huge error tolerance. Bibox can match trades with amounts of millions trades per second, which shortens the execution time enormously for each trade.

What’s Change?

Change Wallet provides a comprehensive approach to mobile finance. Not only is it easy to get started — it takes less than 5 minutes to create an account on any smartphone — it is also extremely sophisticated and secure, with a clean and responsive interface, and state-of-the-art data protection features. Change Wallet facilitates the management of cryptocurrency portfolios, providing fast and secure ways to acquire, store, and transfer major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. Other cryptocurrencies that meet the ERC20 token standard will also be supported, including Change’s own token (CAG). Join our warm and vibrant community for more updates: Telegram Twitter Facebook Blog YouTube Reddit

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