At Change, we are building a mobile alternative to banking. Change Wallet facilitates the management of cryptocurrency portfolios, providing fast and secure ways to acquire, store, and transfer major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. With Change Card, users can make payments in millions of online and offline locations all around the globe, and Change Marketplace aggregates a vast array of financial services to create a complete, bank-like experience in the realm of personal finance.

After raising over $17.5 million in a successful token sale, we have quickly started to expand our team and complete the development of Change Wallet. On top of that, we have also prioritised the creation of a strong brand, one that is able to quickly build close relationships with its audience, overcoming the biggest challenge of any bank or fintech company— a widespread lack of trust.

In this article we’ll cover the the reasons behind our rebranding, our new visual identity, and our philosophy of continuous iteration and prototyping. The title “Change by design — a short story of rebranding” is inspired in the best-selling design thinking book “Change by Design”, because not only it makes for a clever and funny title, it also goes in line with our ongoing efforts of learning and improving to create the best financial application in the world.

Mission & vision

A $17.5 million fundraise has provided us with enough validation with regards to our core proposition — there is a worldwide demand for a financial marketplace that gives user a choice of which financial services to use. The token sale has given the team a strong sense of responsibility and we have agreed that our commitment to build a game-changing product should be summarised in a mission and vision statements.


To be the most exciting banking application in the world.


To aggregate all financial services in one sophisticated platform, enabling payments, transfers, and investments worldwide. Change is set to simplify and modernise retail banking, focusing on security, efficiency, and equal access to opportunities.

Visual identity

In the sectors of banking and insurance, we are used to seeing legacy brands that have been around for a long time. Even if some of their propositions were very exciting and unique at some point, traditional financial institutions have grown to adopt a one-fits-all approach, neglecting the uniqueness of each target segment and competing directly against each other with the same offers. The result of this is a weak connection with millennials, who see financial services as mere commodities.

At Change, we want to make things differently. We understand the value of building a user-centric banking App, and we wanted our new brand to tell it right away: Change is secure, authentic, and sophisticated.


To achieve a young, yet premium look, we have created a bright green-to-blue gradient, which is used in places where we want to grab users’ attention, such as titles, buttons, and our very own Change Card. Our ever lasting efforts to remove everything that is not essential has made it easier to contrast our unique gradient with an elegant white background.

Logomark and logotype

The clean, minimalist look of Change’s logo was designed to fit our vision. The broken circle represents Change — the ability to “break the loop” and take control over ones’ finances. We have coloured both our logomark and logotype with our vibrant gradient to ensure Change’s brand is easily recognised by our target audience. White and black are also used as logo colours, in situations where the gradient does not create a strong enough contrast with the background.


We have skipped the seemingly endless animations craze among startups and went straight to real photographs that anyone can relate to. There is something truly unique about photography, and we find it to be the perfect medium to show our colourful, joyful, human nature.


Once we had agreed on the key elements of our new visual identity, we started building a new website for Change. Our priorities were to provide a clear explanation of what Change offers, and at the same time build a trust-based relationship with the visitor. We have decided to include only the necessary information in order to avoid conveying the feel of information overload that we usually get when we visit our bank’s website.


In an age when people find their banking app in the last screen of their phones hidden in a random folder, we are designing Change App to occupy a premium place in the front screen of every smartphone.

Much more than just an App, we are building Change to pioneer a shift in the relationship we have with our finances. We are designing Change App to be comprehensive, sophisticated, and customer-first.

Ending note

Designing Change’s new brand was a truly exciting exercise, and we look forward to continuing our ongoing efforts of improving our image and our message. In an industry filled with loud brands that fight for even the shortest attention window from a potential new user, Change sets itself apart with a vibrant, warm, and transparent offer, carefully crafted to modernise and simplify our everyday finances.

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