In an era where people operate a majority of their lives digitally, a key area which has been lagging in digitisation is that of government services. Government services are an especially difficult vertical to digitise. This is due to the lower amount of innovation in the public sector generally, but mainly because they are depended on by literally the entire country. A country cannot just “experiment” to digitise their health records like a start-up would, because the result could potentially be catastrophic.
This is where a small Nordic country set out to differentiate itself. Having a population of only 1.3 million people and a relatively high pool of tech talent, Estonia decided that their “edge” globally will be e-government. Through a resource-heavy process they brought 99% of government services online and created a digital identity for the entire country’s population. The results can be seen — the country now votes online, signs documents digitally, files taxes in minutes.

They then went to offer access to this infrastructure to essentially anyone in the world. This means that a Brazilian national can, without leaving his home country, open a bank account, start a business in the EU. A truly perfect product for a digital nomad or global citizen. The aims to have 10 million e-Residents by 2020 and has garnered strong support from thought leaders such as Tim Draper, Vitalik Buterin and Edward Lucas.

Change is building a similar universal digital infrastructure as Estonia did, but for financial services Kaspar Korjus

Managing Director, e-Residency

With a shared vision of a borderless world, Change and the Estonian Government’s e-Residency have partnered to build a marketplace of global Fintech services. Focusing on crypto currencies initially allows them to leapfrog existing payments infrastructures. They will also implement a multi-tiered KYC (Know-Your-Customer) system, meaning that to simply create a wallet and receive a payment card, the customer will need to present minimal personal information.
As the customer wishes to use more sophisticated and regulated financial services, they need to progress through additional tiers of identity verification. The final step is that you can actually found a company in the EU in around 10 minutes.
As we’re building a complex infrastructure, then partnering with the creators of a sophisticated scalable digital identity system is what sets us apart from our competition in the long run Kristjan Kangro

CEO, Change

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