Dear friends, Change has come a long way. During our humbling journey we have had the chance of sharing our vision with several media channels.

BBC World News

Last Friday, Kristjan Kangro — CEO of Change— was live on BBC World News in Singapore, discussing the current regulatory landscape of cryptocurrencies in China and the future of Change. Read our medium post or watch the full video

Channel News Asia

Later that day, Kristjan was also live on ChannelNewsAsia, where he shared our vision on the future of cryptocurrencies, and how Change fits into that future.

Business Insider

“The Change team has gathered a passionate community of over 14,000 backers. There is an active discussion around the clock between the team members and their community in a public Telegram chat-group with over 2,000 members from all around the globe.”

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Coin Telegraph

Coin Telegraph, one of the most reputable news sources in the crypto sphere, has quoted the words of Artur Luhaäär, partner at Change.

Traditional banks have outlived their time, consumer experience, not enough transparency, inability to respond to millennial’s lifestyle with a great kind of products or services, that’s what is wrong with banks today.

And many other news channels…

During our inception, Change has been featured in several other news sources. Learn more at

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