If you’re in a hurry, here is the list of features you will find once you download Change App and create your free account. If you already have the Android App installed, make sure to update it.

  • Buy Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin with zero commissions
  • Trade cryptocurrencies with zero commissions (coming soon)
  • Pre-order your Change Card
  • Easy to use application with a simple interface
  • Dedicated customer support
  • ⚡️ Android App ⚡️
  • ⚡️ iOS App ⚡️

In case you’re in for the the full picture, enjoy the read. Change is currently available to residents in the European Economic Area (EEA). If you’re not a resident of the EEA, you can still signup and you’ll be notified once we expand to more regions.

Why are we making it free?

There are three main reasons why we’re making it free to buy and convert cryptocurrencies. First, Change was made possible when over 5600 people from all over the world have decided to finance our vision with $17.5 million during our token sale. A project backed by a community follows a different set of rules and we see charging zero commissions as a way of giving back to our users.

Second, our goal is to make our products at least 10 times better than any existing alternatives. We strongly believe that removing any entry barriers will greatly increase the value of Change App to the user.

Third, we see access to cryptocurrencies simply as the first step to our vision of contributing to the creation of a new, open financial system. We have a strong will to create a global financial marketplace where users can access the best investment services available such as stocks, funds, loans, and real estate. If cryptocurrencies are to become the currency of the future, then there should be no fees for acquiring it.

See our pricing at https://getchange.com/

After talking to users about our plans to offer access to cryptocurrencies without fees, we were met with a certain degree of skepticism. Having a free alternative seems out of place when one is used to pay for every transaction, and the users we’ve talked to have shown some curiosity as to how Change would generate revenue to cover for the basic costs of running a company. In fact, it’s quite simple. We plan on introducing a premium subscription plan that offers additional features to heavy users. This way, we aim to make it possible for regular users to start using the App without having to be charged a fixed percentage per transaction.

We don’t hide fees and we value transparency. We’ll always communicate openly if there are any changes to our pricing strategy. The stronger the value proposition of a company, the bigger it will grow, and if we see that Change will attract more users with a different pricing strategy, then we will adopt it. We have the best interests of our users in mind, and that’s how we think startups should operate.

How will we do marketing for our App?

The members that have been the longest in our community are well aware of the following: We’re not really trying to impress anyone. We’re simply focused on building what we believe is the best product that can be created in this space. We do our best to avoid unnecessary hype.

We are starting to ramp up our marketing efforts, showing advertisements in hundreds of cryptocurrency related websites throughout Europe.

What’s next in store?

Our main focus at this point is growth. Our team will continue talking to users on a regular basis and ruthlessly prioritize the features that create the most value to the user. This is one of the reasons why we don’t commit to a roadmap with clear dates: what is important to build changes regularly and we want to be able to remain agile in our product development.

We plan on continue implementing UI/UX improvements to make our app more sleek and improve the experience to our users. Smaller features such as price alerts and charts are in the pipeline.

We also plan on adding support to more cryptocurrencies in the near future such as Ripple (XRP) and Change Token (CAG) and accepting purchases with debit and credit card as opposed to only accepting bank transfer payments.

With regards to the mobile apps, Change is available on iOS and Android.

Change Card is one of our greatest priorities and our cards team is working relentlessly to ship out the first cards. A future update will cover what’s new with the cards, but keep in mind that the pricing strategy for the card product has not been finalized yet.

Join the discussion

None of this will matter if you don’t join our movement and our discussion. If you’re rocking an Android phone, visit our page on Google Play, otherwise use our iOS App.

We post regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we encourage you to join thousands of community members in our Telegram group.

Feedback is much appreciated, and we read all messages sent to us, so feel free to reach out to us on social media or email us at [email protected]

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