What is BitOfProperty?

BitOfProperty is a blockchain based real estate crowd investment platform that makes property investing affordable and increases the liquidity of one’s portfolio. Essentially, BitOfProperty has built an ecosystem for real estate owners and property investors to engage in fractional buy-to-rent real estate investments.

How does it work?

Users of the platform can browse through a variety of properties, both commercial and residential, and find the ones they like the most. As the business is built on the concept of crowdfunding, this allows people to invest with small amounts in one or many properties. Once the target amount of a specific project is reached, investors start to receive rental income according to their share of ownership. The proceeds can be reinvested in other properties or withdrawn to the person’s bank account.

When the investment period ends — usually within 3 years — the property will be liquidated and the initial investment, together with capital gain, is distributed back to the investors.

First deal on the platform

BitOfProperty has recently listed its very first project, SpaceCube, for people to invest in. Innovative buy-to-let concept makes SpaceCube an enticing investment with a competitive rental yield in a sought after location, creating a good foundation for solid increase in real estate prices.


Over half of the target amount has already been raised, and over 20 people have invested both fiat and virtual currencies in the SpaceCube project. For more information please see the investment guide.

Why is Change partnering with BitOfProperty?

Much like any other service that banks provide, real estate requires focus. BitOfProperty is here to fulfil real estate investment arm for Change, providing it in better, cheaper and more flexible ways than property investment branches of traditional banks. BitOfProperty’s team is proud to be part of Change, and will be joining Change’s financial marketplace in the coming year.

Visit the investment guide

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